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Gallagher Convention Centre
30 Aug - 1 Sept 2019

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The need for an African Health Tech Expo

New health technology is driving a revolution in wellness, chronic disease management, diagnosis, referral and treatment adherence. Technology and smartphones are already radically changing how patients are accessing care and how medical professionals are provide such care. Prescribing an app is for some doctors as routine as prescribing medication but for many other healthcare provide the e-patient is often an unknown entity. According to Slone Partners the consumer driven technology enabled health and wellness market is estimated in the USA is estimated to be worth US$ 500 billion and growing at 25% annually. For South Africa and Africa, this technological revolution holds the potential for leapfrogging older technologies, that were never fully deployed, and building a healthcare system around modern solutions that are often cheaper, more sustainable and environmentally friendlier. The health sector is notoriously resistant to change, heavily regulated, dependent on third party payment systems and hosts powerful groups with their own vested interests. What was science fiction is rapidly becoming science fact, but the potential could be missed if there is not a concerted effort to ensure that key stakeholder embrace the potential inherent in this technology. A local Health Tech Expo will cement Africa’s role as leaders in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, by taking ownership of the impact that technology can have to better the lives of all living in African; and the rest of the world.

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The Health Tech Expo

The Health Tech Expo will create an opportunity for engagement at multiple levels, through combining a health technology conference, hosting talks by leading national and international experts with a major exhibition, open to the public, showcasing the latest in local, regional and international health tech.

Venue: Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand, South Africa is the premier events venue in Gauteng. Established in 1993, Gallagher is a benchmark for the events industry and provides a 32-hectare property offering 27 multi-purpose venues which cater to a variety of events such as conferences, dinners, luncheons, cocktails, exhibitions and private events. Gallagher is easily accessible through a sophisticated network of highways and through the world class Gautrain. Conveniently located in Midrand, between Johannesburg and Pretoria, Gallagher is known for its distinctive character, style and superior service offering.

Event dates: 30 August to 1 September 2019