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Gallagher Convention Centre
30 Aug - 1 Sept 2019

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About the Expo

To fully embrace the opportunity inherent in the health tech revolution there is a need to expose the public and industry role players to this rapidly evolving digital ecosystem. As the old saying goes “seeing is believing”, the Health Tech Expo has therefore been established to create an annual opportunity for the public, health providers, medical insurers, policy makers and other stakeholders to interact with each other, health tech entrepreneurs and suppliers. The Health Tech Expo will be a showcase of local and international technology. It will address all aspects of medical technology including software, wearables, consumables and life style; with a specific focus on the consumer. This is a unique offering, where companies can gain access to the end consumer – something which does not happen at traditional medical or health conference, which are aimed at healthcare professionals. The Health Tech Expo will bring together the worlds of:

  • Wearable devices for self-aggregated medical information;
  • AI-driven diagnostic systems;
  • AI-driven provider/payer analytical systems;
  • Apps designed to improve the patient care journey e.g. referral and medication adherence apps;
  • Devices for the monitoring of chronic diseases;
  • Teletherapy and telemedicine;
  • Blockchain innovations in healthcare;
  • The Internet of (Medical) Things;
  • Practice and patient management and engagement software;
  • 5G mobile technology that enables healthcare;
  • Wellness solutions;
  • Funder solutions and life style packages that make use of technology to improve health outcomes and
  • All the international brands that consumers have come to associate with Health Tech.

The Health Tech Expo is designed to create awareness of new technologies and their benefits to the public and industry, serve as a platform to stimulate leadership in health technology in Africa, link health tech entrepreneurs to funders, stimulate debate around the policy environment and create opportunities for technology providers to showcase and market their products to the public and key industry leaders.